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Pearsall Road Church, Pastor Statt Riddlebarger, Ph.D. - 210-862-7235


Pre-Marriage 101 and Complete On-Line Couples Package are both approved for "Twogether In Texas". When you complete one of these you should a $60 discount off your marriage license using the Certificate we'll send you. PLUS the State will wave the 3-day waiting period requirement if you want to get married right away. Prices includes both man and woman's participation in Christian Counseling in-office or on-line.


Pre-Marriage 101 (on-line) - Under "Counseling" choose option for courses desired

Enjoyable top quality, 8 hour, modern Online Course provides great flexibility. This can be completed as fast or slow as desired. It gives quality premarital counseling that fits your individual schedules. All sessions are streamed to you online, 24-7 for 90 days. Includes PDF Men's & Women's Workbooks digital fill-able.

Couple Checkup (on-line) - Under "Counseling" choose option for courses desired

Recommended this be taken before starting Marriage 101. Includes extensive Discussion Guide to build relationship skills. You will discover your strengths as a couple and identify issues that are threatening the vitality of your relationship.

CRISIS 101 - COST - Under "Counseling" choose option for courses desired

How do we handle those "life-changing" times? And just as important, how do we help others in crisis? Join Dr. Robert Morgan as he gives us 10 basic strategies to navigate those troubled and stormy times in our lives. He will help us see that times of crisis can be faith building. We can be victorious and give praise to the One that has delivered us!

IN-OFFICE PERSONAL COUNSELING - Under "Counseling" choose option for courses desired

For Couples/Individuals desiring one-on-one counseling with Dr. Riddlebarger at either of the 78242 or 78260 offices. Pre-Marriage one-on-one in-office counseling is $200 -- call to schedule (210-862-7235)

Complete On-Line Couples Package - Cost - Under "Counseling" choose option for courses desired

Perfect Wedding Gift for a couple. It contains the essential tools for any couple to build and maintain a strong and healthy relationship. Each session is approximately 30 minutes. We've combined all the great Marriage 101 resources into one easy to use package. Listed below are the elements of the complete package. The Online M101 Course; The Couple Check-up; The Marriage Kit -- The perfect companion to Marriage 101 with six outstanding resources in one package give you a complete tool kit that will be used over and over again in your relationships. Plus Student Manual.